CT4N allow for pushchairs to be carried on our buses, however for the safety of those travelling in the pushchair and other customers travelling, please read the following before travelling.

Unfolded pushchairs can be carried on our buses, providing that the bay is not required by a wheelchair user, up to the maximum number shown on the bus. This information is located next to the entrance doors of our buses.

If the bay is full, then you will need to collapse the pushchair and store it in the luggage rack, or if this is not possible, you may need to wait for the next bus.

A wheelchair user will always have priority to the wheelchair bay even if there is a pushchair occupying the bay.

You should be prepared to collapse your pushchair if requested by the driver to allow a wheelchair user on board. If you are unable to collapse your pushchair or relocate to another part of the bus, the driver will notify our Operations Team of the situation so that the driver of the next bus is aware not to charge you for the remaining part of your journey. 

When travelling on the bus, you must ensure that:

  • your pushchair does not obstruct the gangway
  • you have applied the brake
  • you remain with the pushchair at all times and that the pushchair is occupied by a child (unoccupied pushchairs must be collapsed and stored in the luggage rack)
  • you do not overload the handles of the pushchair with bags, as this may cause it to tip over