Lost Property and Luggage

Should you leave an item of lost property on the bus, please call us on 0115 986 3355. Our buses can be contacted quickly via the on board radio system.

If we have located your item of lost property, it can be collected from our Queens Drive Depot, which is based at Queens Drive Park & Ride, Nottingham (NG2 1AP)

When collecting any item of lost property, you must provide proof of identity and your contact details. 

Should you find something on one of our buses, you have a legal responsibility to hand it to the driver. Removing items from the bus can be reported to the Police as a 'theft by finding'.

All items of lost property will be opened and examined (to determine identity) and saved for 21 days and then disposed of.

Perishable items (including fresh or frozen foods) will be disposed of immediately.


When travelling, it's important to keep your belongings with you and check you have everything with you before leaving the bus.

Most items can be carried, however our drivers will refuse you access if you try to board with an item they consider is unsuitable for carriage.

The following items are NOT permitted for travel:

  • Explosive, hazardous or combustible materials
  • Uncovered hot drinks or other similar liquids - All hot drinks must be contained within a suitable travel mug which has a locking lid
  • Paint Cans that have been opened - Any tins of paint or varnish must be carried inside a strong bag
  • Sheets of glass and mirrors
  • Non-folding bicycles (small children’s bikes/scooters that can fit in the luggage rack can be carried)
  • E-scooters

All luggage on the bus must be stored away to not cause an obstruction to the main gangway or any emergency exit. The responsibility for any item of property on the bus rests with the owner.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are not permitted for travel on any of our service buses.

Folding Bicycles

Folding bicycles are permitted for travel providing that the customer either safely stores in the luggage rack on the bus or remains with the bicycle throughout the journey.