Driving Assessments

What are driving assessments?

Driving assessments are tests administered to determine the skill and and ability of a driver. These are usually done as part of the job interview process or at time intervals throughout your job to make sure you still make the standard.

Do I require this training?

Driving assessments are essential to ensuring that your staff and new hires meet your high standards. Without these you put your company at risk of accidents, complaints and loss of reputation.

Requirements before your driving assessment

The requirements will depend on the job you are applying for or the specifications of the job you are already in. These will likely include having a valid CPC and a D1, PCV or LGV license.

Our driving assessments

Here at CT4N Training we provide independent high quality driving assessments to ensure that the assessment meets high standards of driving capability.

Our driving assessments are charged at £69 Per Hour.

Further Information

Get in touch with the team so we can discuss your requirements.

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