Driver CPC Courses

Driver CPC (or certificate of professional competency to give its full name) is a professional qualification for bus, lorry and coach drivers that signifies your competence not just in driving but in many areas. Driver CPC training needs be done every 5 years. You need to complete 35 hours of training during this 5 year period and it is usually done over a 5 day period. 

Who requires CPC Training?

All those who drive buses, coaches and lorries professionally must possess a valid CPC card to be able to work.  Therefore for anyone in the industry or looking to become a driver, you have to have your CPC. CPC training has to be completed every 5 years to make sure you are refreshed.

Requirements before taking driver CPC

There are no requirements that need to be undertaken prior to your Driver CPC. 

Our Driver CPC Training

At CT4N Training we offer 2 courses and 6 modular courses. They are as follows: 


  • Drivers Hours and Prohibition 7hrs
  • Safe Driving 7hrs 

Modular Courses

  • Customer Service
  • Disability Awareness  
  • Driver Awareness
  • Driving illegally – Drink and Drugs
  • Eco Safe Driving
  • Emergency Evacuation 

Course Price

  The prices for our Driver CPC are as follows: 

Single Person - £65 (including load up fee) 

Up to 15 People - £900 - Bulk course (including load up fee)

Further Information

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