Concessionary Cards

Older people and anyone with a qualifying disability can apply for a concessionary bus pass under the National Concessionary Scheme.

To apply for a concessionary bus pass, you need to contact your local council.

Most of our services operate in these areas of Nottingham, therefore please follow the appropriate link to apply for your new pass Nottingham City Council, or Nottinghamshire County Council 

When boarding the bus, please place your concessionary bus pass on the reader located near the driver’s cab and wait for the reader to show a green light and beep to confirm your concessionary bus pass has been accepted for travel.

If you are using a companion concessionary bus pass, and travelling with a second person, you may be asked by the driver to leave your card on the reader a little longer to confirm that a second person is travelling.

All English council issued Concessionary passes can be used on any bus service operated by CT4N between the following times:

  • Monday to Friday - Anytime after 09:30
  • Saturday - Anytime during our operating day. If CT4N is operating a Saturday level of service between Christmas and New Year, then concessionary passes will be subject to Monday to Friday rules.
  • Good Friday - Anytime during our operating day

If you are travelling in another part of the United Kingdom, your concessionary bus pass will be valid for travel, however there may be different restrictions in place before 09:30, so please check before travelling.

Should you unfortunately lose your concessionary bus pass, please contact us immediately to ensure that it has not been handed in to one of our drivers. Upon contacting us, should we not have your concessionary bus pass, then you will need to contact the appropriate council who issued your pass to ensure that it is blocked from further use. You will have to pay for any replacement pass that is re-issued.